Tips on how to care for and wash your bedding

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Before you wash or dry a pillow or duvet, make sure that the drum of your machine has a capacity of at least 10 kg. This is what you need to wash even a lightweight duvet.

Be sure to check the washing temperature on the label of your bedding. Most down products can be washed up to 60ºC. NOCAR® treated products can also be washed up to 95ºC. Synthetic bedding is washable up to 60°C or 95°C. Natural hair products usually cannot be washed at all.

Bedding must always be machine dried after washing. For best results, place one or two tennis balls in the drum. This will help fluff up the items. Select a low drying temperature. The secret is to dry for a longer time on low heat.

Bedding filled with down and feathers should be fluffed up every morning and aired at an open window. But never leave your pillows and duvets out in direct sunlight.

Important: Do not vacuum clean or beat your bedding!

Our recommendation: You can machine-wash your pillows, but it is best to have your duvets cleaned by professional dry cleaners.

Even if you wash your bedding, you should still replace it regularly.

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