Certified GOTS collection

Schwarzwald Organic Bedding

Natural, long-lasting, ecological und fairly produced!

Our Schwarzwald Organic Collection stands for all the values we have considered primordial throughout the years: raw materials that are natural and fairly produced as well as an environ-mentally friendly manufacturing.

We care deeply for nature and for our region and we are endeavored to keep the beauty of Black Forest intact. This is one of the many reasons why we are an active premium member of the Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH (Black Forest Tourismus).

We are extending our contribution to protect the climate by means of extensive reconstruction and restoration measures. The new production plant and the optimization of the production chain will contribute to a substantial saving of thermal and electrical power.

We have actually already optimized some of the production processes, for example in regards of water. Thanks to our own deep well we can supply our entire production plant and the sanitary facilities.

The electric and thermal power needed in the product processes comes from our own combined heat and power unit. Furthermore, we are planning in the near future also a photovoltaic system that will be installed on the roof of the new production facility.

Our company is certified GOTS, meaning we have accomplished all the essential/mandatory criteria which the standard implied by this standard. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) ranks as a leading standard with the aim of defining requirements that are recognized world-wide and that ensures the organic status of textiles from harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing all the way to labelling.

Textiles must be manufactured without harmful residues and their production must comply to the safety of mankind and the environment. GOTS defines precisely these strict standards, as for example:

• Controlled origin of organic fibers
• Exclusion of chemical inputs
• Mandatory rules for environmental climate
• Regular residue analysis, to ensure the compliance of all criteria
• Compliance of the social standards, following the key conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO)

Although not all OBB assortments are GOTS certified, all our products follow the strict criteria needed in an ecological production. It is very important for us to have future products GOTS certified. Nonetheless, this is a long process and since if only one of the production plants that is part of the supply chain is not GOTS certified, then the end product will not be labelled as GOTS product, even if all of the materials and the processing stages do fully comply to GOTS.

Since all good things come in small packages, our Schwarzwald Organic Assortment is a small but finely made collection that offers different options to choose from. Enjoy a wonderful natural sleep given by our pillows and duvets filled with organic down, merino wool, hemp or cotton filling

OBB Faser Ikon

Natural Fibre

Down and feathers

Natural hair

OBB Allergikerfreundlich Ikon

Allergy friendly

OBB Wasserkissen Ikon


Pure nature

OBB Sommer Ikon




Certified GOTS collection