Natural hair pillows

For a restful night’s sleep.

OBB Naturkissen

With our natural hair pillows, nothing can get in the way of a restful night’s sleep. We carry pillows with different types of natural hair and practical, washable outer covers. Natural hair is also ideal for sleepers who tend to sweat, since they quickly draw moisture away and into the air. Sleepers with rheumatic conditions often use natural hair pillows and are very happy with the results.

In addition, natural hair pillows keep their shape very well.

OBB Tierhaare Ikon

Animal hair

OBB Kamel Ikon


OBB Schaf Ikon


OBB Ziege Ikon


OBB Wasserkissen Ikon


OBB Natur pur Ikon

Pure nature

OBB Sommer Ikon


Transitional seasons