The original Mediflow® water pillow system improves sleep quality*

The original water pillow system from Mediflow combines the therapeutic benefits of the water core principle with the luxurious comfort of premium fibre, down or visco foam pillows. The soft padding on the upper side makes falling asleep easier, while a firm yet flexible water core on the underside helps you stay asleep.

The Mediflow system combines the results of two and a half decades of research with the latest findings from physiotherapists and orthopaedists in a single pillow.

Since the water is under pressure and cannot be further compressed, it automatically flows to wherever there is room. This property ensures that any hollow spaces, such as in the neck area, receive effective support. The pillow’s firmness can be customized by adjusting the filling volume to achieve a hard, medium or soft result.

How it works

Original Mediflow Wasserkissen OBB

The upper layer consists of a cool gel foam with ventilated airflow pockets, pleasantly soft and aired.

The firmer foam core sustains a neutral neck position, despite turning around while resting.

The water layer is thermally isolated.

The water core with its continuous and adaptable supporting effect reacts instantly to each movement of the head and guarantees an optimal comfort.

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Study conducted by Johns Hopkins Hospital on neck pain and sleep quality:

Clinical study results Mediflow ®
water pillow
1 How fast the subjects fell asleep BEST RESULTS
2 How often the subjects woke up BEST RESULTS
3 Perceived sleep quality compared to a normal night’s sleep BEST RESULTS
4 Total sleep quality BEST RESULTS

*Study conducted by Johns Hopkins Hospital on cervical pain and sleep quality: the right choice of pillow can significantly reduce cervical pain and improve sleep quality (Published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Vol. 78).