Special pillows

We carry pillows that suit every need!

We carry neck rolls, crescent neck pillows, neck support pillows and side-sleeping pillows, plus a carefully selected range of natural pillows filled with a choice of spelt, millet, latex chips, horsehair or new wool/Swiss pine. Natural pillows regulate moisture efficiently, generate sufficient warmth in winter and have a cooling effect in summer.

We also carry classic sofa/decorative pillows in all sizes.

And for those who not only like to sleep well in bed but also want to read, watch television, or browse or work on a tablet, we have our special Reading Wedge Pillow. It provides optimal upper body support so that you can read a book in bed or watch television in a relaxed position. It can be used both vertically or horizontally. When used horizontally, it provides good sleep support if the upper body needs to be elevated – for people with conditions such as acid reflux – or the legs needs to be elevated, such as for people with varicose veins.

OBB Daunen Ikon


OBB Faser Ikon


OBB Tierhaare Ikon

Natural hair

OBB Allergikerfreundlich Ikon

Allergy friendly

OBB Pflegeleicht Ikon


OBB Sommer Ikon



OBB Winter Ikon