Down and feather duvets

This type of filling is unequivocally our main focus and our passion.

In our opinion, down and feathers are the best that nature has to offer when it comes to high-quality bedding. Down is 100% natural. It has the ability to ‘puff up’ and can therefore achieve a high filling capacity at a low weight. It has a three-dimensional structure that provides the ideal heat insulation. It is also able to return to its original form, even after heavy use. Down provides the perfect microclimate, absorbing and dissipating the natural moisture generated by the body during the night. In this way, it can actually ‘breathe’. The cuddle factor is also essential: there’s nothing more cuddly and cosy than a down-filled duvet.

We get our down from geese and ducks all over the world, precisely in places where it is cold: Canada, Siberia, and also Europe.

One type of down is vastly superior to all the others, and that is eiderdown. What makes it so special is that the precious down feathers are carefully collected by hand from the abandoned nests of eider ducks living in the wild. Eider down is the most valuable down in the world. It is even fluffier, finer, lighter and more densely structured than normal down and is excellent at retaining heat. It comes in its natural colour.

Our manufactured down products use guaranteed new filling, class 1 in accordance with EN 12934. In addition, all down and feathers used in production come only from slaughtered animals, without exception. Live plucking and down/feathers from fois gras production are not used in our manufacture. We only work with suppliers who can provide us with complete and transparent documentation of the origin of their raw materials.

OBB Daunen Ikon


OBB Gans & Ente Ikon

Goose and duck

OBB Allergikerfreundlich Ikon

Allergy friendly

OBB Wasserkissen Ikon


OBB Natur pur Ikon

Pure nature

OBB Sommer Ikon



OBB Winter Ikon



Natural hair

Natural fibre