Our Values

We feel a deep connection with our home country.

We express this through our involvement as a premium partner of the Black Forest Tourism Board (Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH), our environmentally friendly production site – which has its own deep well, a water recycling facility and one of the biggest combined heat and power plants in the region – and also our collections, which we have named after our home country – BLACK FOREST (premium collection) and SCHWARZWALD (standard collection).

All the products we manufacture are based on high-quality fabrics and filling materials in addition to superior craftsmanship. It goes without saying that we use resources sustainably while being mindful of safety, health and environmentally relevant aspects, out of respect and appreciation for nature.

Animal welfare is also one of our highest priorities. We only use raw materials from certified sustainable operations. We categorically reject the notion that animals must suffer for our products and only work with suppliers who share our views. We use the DOWNPASS standard to underscore our zero-tolerance attitude toward live plucking and force-feeding.

In addition to the sustainable origins of our raw materials, we also guarantee the best quality. Independent audits ensure that the composition of the fillings comply with the prescribed guidelines. Furthermore, every duvet and pillow that leaves our company undergoes a final inspection by our quality management to ensure flawless workmanship. All of this is only possible because we produce exclusively at our site in Lörrach, Germany.

We also strive to be a reliable partner not only for our customers, but also for our entire supply chain.

Violations of human rights and the environment can and should be reported to us.

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Usual contact persons are:

Michael Weber – Purchasing Manager
Languages: German, English, French
mweber@obb.de / +49 7621 1520 40

Jinya Lu – Export Departement
Languages: German, English, Chinese
jlu@obb.de / +49 7621 1520 49