Natural hair duvets

Premium natural hair for outstanding sleeping comfort.

The properties of our natural hair duvets ensure exceptionally high sleeping comfort. Natural hair protects against cold, heat and moisture, just as it does for the animals from which the hair is obtained. It has natural thermoregulating properties and is able to absorb and dissipate moisture. It is also a good heat insulator, and can therefore effectively maintain human body temperature.

Natural hair duvets are ideal for use in the summer, throughout the year and in winter. Our range includes duvets in new merino wool, camel, lama/alpaca, cashmere and new sheep’s wool combined with aromatically scented Swiss pine chips. It is important to note that natural hair duvets are not always washable. But if cared for correctly, they have excellent self-cleaning properties.

OBB Tierhaare Ikon

Animal hair

OBB Wasserkissen Ikon


OBB Natur pur Ikon

Pure nature

OBB Sommer Ikon




Down and feather

Natural fibre