Fibre duvets

Ideal for people who would like to wash their duvets frequently.

Our high quality fibre duvets combine optimal easy care and durability with softness and puffiness. Fibre duvets are very robust and easier to clean than down or natural hair duvets. They are machine washable and dryable. They can be washed at up to 60ºC, some of them even up to 95ºC. This makes fibre duvets especially suitable for people who would like to wash their duvet frequently. There are also innovative fibre fillings with added value – for example, fibres that are specially developed for people with allergies, or temperature-regulating technology that keeps the body at a comfortable temperature or has cooling properties.

OBB Faser Ikon


OBB Allergikerfreundlich Ikon

Allergy friendly

OBB Pflegeleicht Ikon


OBB Sommer Ikon



OBB Winter Ikon


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