What does the NOMITE mark stand for?


The NOMITE mark indicates that a product is suitable for people with house dust mite allergies. Because feather and down-filled bedding have excellent thermal and climatic conditions for humans – rapidly warming up during sleep and rapidly decreasing in humidity when the bedding is aired – they provide a very poor habitat for mites, which require humid conditions to survive.

The tight weave of feather and down cover fabrics also prevents mites from penetrating, so that people with allergies or asthma can also enjoy the natural comfort that down and feather bedding has to offer. This has been demonstrated by scientific research.


Here are a few tips for people who are allergic to house dust mites or at risk of an allergic reaction:

  • Air out your bedroom and blankets regularly and thoroughly. This will help reduce the moisture level in the room and in the bedding, which will create a hostile climate for mites.
  • Bedding items should be washed and/or cleaned according to their care instructions.
  • Replace your bedding regularly before it becomes overused.

NOMITE is a registered trademark of the European Down & Feather Association (EDFA).

For more information, please visit nomite.de