Classic Collections

We love our Black Forest region and we are thrilled to name our newest collections „Schwarzwald“ and „Black Forest“. However, we should not forget our classic collections, which are „Royal Bed“, „Northern Goose“, „Weiss&Edel“ and last but not least, „Climasphere“.

Pure Luxury

Royal Bed

The incomparable suppleness of the down is wrapped around one of the finest covers to offer a truly royal sleep.
Cold regions make the best downs


Especially the geese originating from harsh climates have adapted their plumage to a perfect degree of insulation. The goose down is simply the softest and finest, offering the highest quality and comfort without sacrificing thermal properties, as well as the lightweight feel that people love.
Pure fresh bedding

Weiss & Edel

Weiss & Edel“, translated as white and luxurious, is our classic collection where we united the power of the „sticky“-down with the finest satin material . This combination guarantees sleeping on the ninth cloud! The „Sticky“- down has actually received its name due to the power of attraction between the down cluster. This characteristic gives duvets and pillows a wonderful lightness and unparalleled softness.
The smartest duvet


This duvet is the example of our history in regards of sleeping innovations. The Climasphere is the duvet with a balanced clima and it is suitable for all seasons of the year. The body contour quilting of this duvet adapts exactly to your body form and is a sommer-side and winter-side at the same time.